When Is Love Real?

When Is Love Real?

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love is realDo you remember Chevy Chase’s short-lived talk show? It was a disaster. It just about set a TV record for early cancellation.

One TV critic said the main reason his show failed was due to Chase’s “obvious disdain for his audience.” It didn’t matter whether or not he was funny; no audience will tune in to someone who looks down on them.

The difference you make will be determined primarily by one factor: how much you love. So, how do we measure love?

Here’s a challenge for all of us: Think of the people you love the most. Now ask yourself: How am I demonstrating my love through sacrifice?

“Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” 1 John 3:18 NLT

Every relationship you have that is defined by love should involve some level of sacrifice on your part. This obviously applies to your family. It also applies to your friendships; it applies to your church, and to all those you say you love.

It’s a question we must ask ourselves: Am I willing to sacrifice for the good of others? Am I willing to lay down alove each other part of my life for the good of others?

You will have the opportunity to sacrifice a little part of your life this week —a little portion of your time for someone else.

If you sacrifice your life —your time —for someone else, you are showing them an act of love. It’s not enough to say you have feelings of love for the people in your life. The question is: Are you willing to show it? Are you willing to sacrifice for them? Love is something you do.

Love is an act of sacrifice. Anytime you have the opportunity to sacrifice for someone, you have the opportunity to show love. Love is real when you follow through.







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  1. THANKS Pastor Dave.
    LOVE really is the bottom line for Christ,s followers. Without love I am nothing.

    Enjoy your day.


    August 15, 2017

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